Kenyan ‘trials’ for Málaga worlds? Chinese report is clueless or confused

Rose Tata-Muya competed as a long hurdler in the 1988 Olympics and ran at 2007 Riccione worlds.

China’s Xinhua news agency reports from Nairobi that Kenya will send athletes to Málaga worlds. But something got lost in translation. “Rose Tata-Muya, Masters Athletics Kenya Secretary General, said trials will be held on July 21 and July 22 in Iten, located in the Rift Valley area which is the cradle of Kenyan athletics,” the report said. Trials? Well, maybe that’s their way of saying they’ll use a “qualifying meet” to decide who gets travel subsidies. Because, of course, it’s an all-comers meet open to anyone with the cash to enter. A further clue: “We require 20,000 U.S. dollars to conduct the trials and a further 160,000 dollars to facilitate Kenya’s participation in the biennial world championships,” the former 400m hurdles national record holder told Xinhua. But can you catch the next error? “This marks the second time for Kenya to take part in the event that features retired athletes of aged 35 and above for women and 40 and above for men.” Right, it’s 35-and-over for everyone. Someone is stuck in the last century. In any case, best of luck to my fellow Kenyans! (Anyone competing for Stoneya?)

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