Possible WMA world meets if virus vanishes: 2023 Spokane indoors and 2024 Daegu outdoors

Margit Jungmann of Germany, the president of World Masters Athletics, used to do the heptathlon. That’s helpful in her current gig — juggling two dozen jobs. The most important? Protecting lives. Like doctors, nurses and other heroes, Margit and her fellow council members will be making decisions in the coming months on the fate of our health — and sport. Will she permit cities to move forward on world and regional championships amid The Beast, COVID-19? It’s now accepted science that the earlier we adopt strict social-distancing and other steps, the better we have a chance of escaping the worst…

Butterdome awaits 2021 indoor worlds athletes — Edmonton meet previewed

I’m getting excited for 2021, and not just because I might burn my mortgage that year. Indoor worlds comes to Edmonton that year (as noted in Malaga coverage). A report last month in the local paper has a great quote: “It’s a very attractive event from the city’s perspective because it’s not a group of athletes coming on a government-funded program, who stick around their hotel and eat Ramen noodles. They’re out spending money, they’ve got disposable income.” So says James Rosnau, executive director of Athletics Alberta. I’m also eager to compete in the coolest named arena — the Butterdome….

WMA picks Edmonton for 2021 indoor worlds, Gothenburg for 2022 outdoor worlds

Canada gets a double dose of major masters action starting soon — hosting the 2020 WMA world outdoor meet in Toronto and the 2021 world indoor meet in Edmonton, Alberta. It’ll be only the second indoor worlds in North America since Kamloops in 2010. See meet site here. Edmonton was chosen at Saturday’s General Assembly in Malaga. I was busy covering some guy named Obama and overlooked the news. Also revealed: 2022 outdoor worlds will be in Gothenburg, Sweden — site of the second world WAVA meet in 1977. (Since Toronto was the first worlds in 1975, the pattern would…