Seb Coe

Seb Coe slams door on masters exhibitions at future World Athletics Championships

One of my pet projects has been advocating for masters exhibitions in the Olympics. I thought this was reasonable, since paralympic events like wheelchair races have been contested in the Summer Games. (At Los Angeles 1996, one male racer said to the crowd: “Will you love me if I lose?”) Now I say the same. I lost. A week ago, at the final press conference of the World Athletics Championships, I had a chance to quiz the top enchilada — Lord Sebastian Coe, president of WA — the former IAAF. A week ago today, I took a microphone and reminded…

WMA president gives Russians hope of competing in international masters meets in 2019

Russians wanting to compete in international masters meets may have reason to celebrate. On Christmas Day, WMA Prez Margit Jungmann wrote me: “I had the occasion to discuss the Russian case with IAAF President Lord Sebastian Coe in Monaco the day after the council decision [regarding the Russian ban being lifted] and to explain the difficulties for masters to get approval as neutral athlete. IAAF and WMA are looking together to find a solution that allows masters to become the approval of neutral athlete. This is a difficult process, but for the moment I am hopeful to find a solution….