Willie Gault

Masters exhibitions vanish at Mt. SAC Relays, but resurrection possible if Willie Gault commits

Last weekend’s Mt. SAC Relays were the first in more than 20 years not to feature masters. In the late 1990s, when I first started covering geezer exhibitions at Walnut, we had an age-graded 100, flat 200 and age-graded 800s — with National Masters News publisher Al Sheahen calculating distances and starting times (for the 800s). Masters also ran 110 hurdles some years and threw the hammer. But in recent years, especially in the men’s and women’s 800s, few runners showed up. Some races had only two or three entrants. Scratches weren’t a problem for the sprints. But the writing…

52-year-old Puerto Rican wrongly credited with major WRs — sub-50 for 400 meters, sub-22 for 200

A few days ago, I was alerted to previously unnoticed world records in the M50 200 and 400. At least that’s what IAAF and mastersrankings.com suggested. Both sites had 52-year-old Puerto Rico Olympian Edgardo Guilbe running incredible times in 2018 — a 200 in 21.95 and a 400 in 49.68. (Plus a sizzling 11.10 for the 100.) The listed WRs are Willie Gault’s 22.44 and Roland Gröger’s 50.73. So I started poking around — posting to the Track & Field News message board and writing the Puerto Rican athletics governing body. Soon the truth emerged. Edgardo’s son was the sub-50…

Dwain Chambers-anchored Brit 4×1 relay claims WR from Willie Gault’s M40 team

Results haven’t been posted (headed here eventually or on the Powers of 10 page), but Darren Scott’s latest Masters Grand Prix meet Sunday at London’s Lee Valley track apparently saw a world record in the M40 4×100 — anchored by world champion Dwain Chambers. The reported time of 42.17 by Jason “Juggler” Carty, Dominic Jon, Mensah Elliott and Dwain nips the listed WR of 42.20 by the American team of Frank Strong, Cornell Stephenson, Kettrell Berry and Willie Gault in 2004. Dwain isn’t listed in the Malaga entries. At least he doesn’t have to worry about being drug-tested in Spain….