W90 Heather Lee stomps on guys, her own WRs in two racewalks Down Under

Heather Lee raises her arms after finishing the 10th lap of a 1K walk circuit, setting another W90 WR in the event.

Last Sunday, Aussie star Heather Lee beat M70 Brendon Hyde and M60 Christopher Worsnop in a 10K road walk at the Pan Pacific Masters Games on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Sorry, fellas. But it wasn’t just a victory of the sexes. Heather is 91 (turning 92 this weekend).

In clicking to a time of 1:24:21, she also lowered her own listed W90 world record of 1:25:28, set last April in Perth. And just for a warmup, she won gold in the track 3K walk in 24:45.29 — bettering her own listed WR of 24:56.97. (But I’ve also been told that no walks judges were arrayed around the track, so her mark may not be ratified.) She won the 5K walk in 42:06.13, a minute behind her listed WR of 41:04.87. Whew, Ms. Lee! Take a nap!

(Complete results are here, BTW.)

Simon Butler-White writes from Down Under: “I don’t know how she keeps getting faster. (Actually, I do: she trains hard, has a great personal trainer, and is very determined, motivated and goal-driven. It’s a good recipe for success.)”

And she does it with a smile. Check out this video from her 10K:

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