December 2018

Special Report: John Seto’s raised $244,000 in 3 years, still got USATF grants

An argument can be made that John Seto has done more to turbocharge masters track than anyone since David Pain ran his Johnny Appleseed track tours of Europe and Oceania in the 1970s and Al Sheahen spotlighted the sport via National Masters News. After growing his site,, for a decade, John won our highest honor a year ago — induction into the USATF Masters Hall of Fame. John wasn’t coy about his commitment, saying he worked 10-12 hours a day. He wasn’t shy about asking for donations, either. And in July 2015, he won nonprofit OK from the IRS….

Here’s how USATF Masters T&F Committee is allocating its dollars — budget of $258,000

Carroll DeWeese, treasurer of the USATF Masters Track & Field Committee, has graciously shared our budget for 2019, adopted at the recent Columbus annual meeting. He sent it as an Excel file, and I also made a PDF version. So view either way. Carroll wrote me: Note that it is not a budget in the traditional sense. It is actually pre-approved spending limits for different areas of responsibility. The total is actually greater than the funds being provided to MTF by USATF. MTF knows that everyone will not spend all their approved funds and the total spending will be less…

Kerry Sloan faces 10-to-life sentence in rape case — with federal trial set for April 15, 2019

Three months ago, I reported how M55 hurdler Kerry Sloan had been arrested on rape charges on the way to Malaga worlds — seized at a Texas airport on the way to London. I tracked the case for a few days and then let it slide. Wednesday, a USATF notice brought Kerry to my attention again: Please be advised that it has come to USATF’s attention that the following individual has been deemed ineligible by the U.S. Center for SafeSport ( KERRY SLOAN (Harker Heights, TX) – INELIGIBLE (SUBJECT TO APPEAL/NOT YET FINAL) Accordingly, this individual is prohibited from participating,…

Speedy Josh Robbins of Arizona quick to embrace masters track, share stories via video

M40 national-sprinter Josh Robbins is so geeked out on masters track he’s started posting videos promoting our niche on Facebook and YouTube. He’s based in Arizona, but his work is an example for USATF associations and clubs nationwide. I was so taken by his professionalism, I shot him a note. He graciously replied to my quickie Q&A. Where in Arizona do you live? What’s your line of work? Josh Robbins: Gilbert, Arizona. I am a full-time parent (two daughters, Jaya and Maya. Ages 6 and 3) and married 11 years. I worked as a freelance videographer from 1999-2012 (PA/NY/CA/AZ)….

Malaga relay mess yields new Team USA selection procedures (but Net savvy is mandatory)

At the Columbus annual meeting, members of the Masters Track & Field Committee debated the relay selection process — an effort to avoid another Malaga mess. The result is a wag-the-dog statement that justifies the use of M70 Charles Allie in the M65 4×100 in defiance of then rules. For the first time, USATF masters’ relay goal is “is to win as many relays as possible. The secondary goal is to involve as many Team USATF Masters athlete applicants as possible in the relays.” Hoookay. The old rules suggested that staying in your age group was Job One: “The TSC…