Blessed chance to become a paid model, jump on mini-trampolines

Needed a photo to illustrate this post, so this great shot by Meredith Bless suffices. Masters welding?

Photographer Meredith Bless writes: “JumpSport (maker of fitness mini-trampolines) is shooting a photo and video project in June in San Diego and is looking for models to participate. It will be fun. Needed: two men and two women, aged 45 to 65. Need to be relatively fit but do not need to be buff. This is targeted toward regular people, not professional athletes. Pay: $100 per person. Each person will be needed for roughly 4 hours.”

Selected models will be provided with a fitness trampoline to borrow and asked to practice a few simple routines (provided) prior to shooting.

The fitness trampolines easily fit in a living room or similar space.

Dates & Location: June 21st & 22nd @ Riverdale Studios, 6314 Riverdale St, San Diego CA 92120

Time Slots Available (Please let us know all your are available):

June 21st: 9am – noon
June 21st: 1pm – 5pm

June 22nd: 9am – noon
June 22nd: 1pm – 5pm

If you are interested or want more info, please contact Meredith Bless and provide a full body snapshot as well as the dates and times you are available.

Write Meredith at or phone: 360-306-9377.

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2 Comments on "Blessed chance to become a paid model, jump on mini-trampolines"

  1. Joseph A Burleson | May 31, 2018 at 9:38 am | Reply

    My goodness, what a great opportunity! The compensation seems to amount basically to a donation from the athlete to the employer! Total = $100/person; practice 1+ hours previously with trampoline; pick it up yourself, driving in greater San Diego for X minutes each way; full body photos already in hand. Works out to about US minimum wage/hour. Now if this were a charity, that might make sense. Am I missing something?

  2. @Joseph Burleson
    FYI I’m the freelance photographer on this shoot: if you choose to apply (snapshots just be submitted beforehand to Meredith Bless), the trampoline will be delivered to you, transport to the studio can be arranged. Pay is $100 for 4 hours in studio (max), food and transport included, plus yes an hr or so of practice ahead of time. They are looking for real people not professional models and that’s the budget they have so if it doesn’t suit you that’s cool.

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