Marianne Maier’s monster throw is W75 world record in the shot

Marianne the Muscular has the form to reach 40 feet perhapsMarianne the Muscular has the form to reach 40 feet perhaps. What can she do with 6 tries?

The German masters seite reports a massive improvement in the W75 shot world record. “The versatile 75-year-old “Maierin” [Marianne Maier] improved the global record … to 11.80m (38-8 3/4). It would have to be more precise – she pulverized it [by] 70 centimeters! And that with only three attempts” during a heptathlon Sunday at the Manfred Gonner Gedenkwettkampf der Masters. (See results here.) The listed WR is 11.10 (36-5) by Britain’s Evaun Williams at 2013 Porto Alegre worlds. “And since we are still pretty early in the outdoor season, the highlights are yet to come — it is not excluded that the quaint senior with full concentration on the shot-throwing of an individual competition may crack as the first 75-year-old for the history books, the 12-meter mark (39-4 1/2).” They throw the 2-kilo shot (about 4.4 pounds).

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3 Comments on "Marianne Maier’s monster throw is W75 world record in the shot"

  1. Milan Jamrich | June 1, 2018 at 5:08 pm | Reply

    This post gives the impression that she is German. She is Austrian.

  2. By the way, you have to read further down in the results to see her 11.80. In her first event, a shot put triathlon, she did not throw the 2k very far. (There is quite the international kerfuffle at about this)

  3. She appears to be wearing an Austrian uniform – red and white in color – and not a German Uniform.

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