W60 gender scientist Joanna Harper leaves Fox News doofus in rhetorical dust

Tucker Carlson on Fox News couldn't keep up with masters runner Joanna Harper.Tucker Carlson on Fox News couldn't keep up with masters runner Joanna Harper.

W60 distancer Joanna Harper ran rings around two Fox News hosts Monday, leaving Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn stumped in separate segments. Instead of playing the role of punching bag, Joanna (a transgender athlete and IOC consultant on gender issues) defeated her male interrogators with some masters jiu jitsu. She disarmed them by taking their sides and proving herself reasonable and rational. Outsports headlined the exchange: “Trans athlete leaves Tucker Carlson speechless, sets Fox News record.” I detailed Joanna’s story in 2010 and again in 2015.

The post three years ago was occasioned by an amazing piece Joanna wrote for The Washington Post, which included this passage:

My research, published last month in the Journal of Sporting Cultures and Identities, found that collectively, the eight [male-becoming-female] subjects got much slower after their gender transitions and put up nearly identical age-graded scores as men and as women, meaning they were equally — but no more — competitive in their new gender category. (The outlier was a runner who had raced recreationally as a 19-year-old male and became serious about the sport — doubling her training load and shedding 22 pounds — years later as a female.)

Mark raised the oh-so-scary specter of former men taking women’s titles from athletes born female. Joanna noted that transgender women are under-represented in women’s sports. Thus any War on Women’s Sports is a bunch of conspiratorial hooey.

With M45 wingnut Tucker (a former San Diegan, but don’t blame me ), Joanna said trans athletes in high school shouldn’t be eligible for state-meet titles. That took the steam out of Tucker’s plan to mock her stance.

Outsports said:

When Carlson disagrees with a guest, which is his favorite pastime, he is quick to jump on them. This time he was completely shocked that Harper suddenly turned her direction and made his own point for him.

Carlson was silent for exactly 1.6 seconds, a Fox News record for the host.

He was clearly taken aback by Harper’s even-handedness on the issue, something she has genuinely developed over time. She truly believes that trans athletes, even in high school, should face some mandated hormone therapy to win trophies in girls sports. It’s a position with which various LGBTQ advocates disagree.

The bottom line: I’m sorry for Tucker’s booker, who didn’t warn the boss. Joanna avoided becoming a foil for ridicule (except in the insane YouTube comments).

A perceptive comment on YouTube: “I love that Tucker the douchebag was so ready to rip her, and then she basically agrees with him, and the idiot is left speechless multiple times.”

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2 Comments on "W60 gender scientist Joanna Harper leaves Fox News doofus in rhetorical dust"

  1. Greg Theologes | July 4, 2018 at 7:46 am | Reply

    I watched the segment with Tucker when it aired live. Joanna does have a very rational perspective on this issue, and stated it clearly on the show. As a regular viewer of Tucker Carlson, I’m accustomed to watching him sparing with his guests, and leaving many of them flustered. This was a nice change of pace with Joanna stating her view without interruption.

    Too bad I missed her with Mark Steyn. I’m sure it was at least as good.

    I will admit to being entertained by both Tucker and Mark, it’s about time that someone (anyone!) leaves them speechless.

    Side note; not everyone we disagree with is a doofus or douchbag, and not everyone we agree with is a genius.

    Side note #2; YouTube comments are likely the most ridiculous, with the opposing sides exposing the many reasons why people in our great country cannot come to agreement over too many issues. How about a little compromise?

    • Joanna Harper | July 4, 2018 at 12:58 pm | Reply

      I am glad you enjoyed the segment Greg. For the record I have described both Tucker and Mark as being very civil during our discussions. I appreciate the fact that Fox News has twice allowed to go on the air in order to present my views. My segment with Mark is six months old but you can still find it easily on YouTube.

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