Sacramento 2021 masters nationals spiked? Email newsletter provokes questions on when, where

Sacramento State has a fast track but a dearth of shade for summertime scorching temps.Sacramento State has a fast track but a dearth of shade for summertime scorching temps.

Yesterday’s newsy email from USATF Masters has raised concerns that our 2021 national outdoor meet won’t be held in Sacramento as previously awarded.

All we know is: “Summer 2021 – USATF Masters Outdoor Championships: To be announced soon.”

But the newsletter also says: “July 17 – Northwest Region Masters Outdoor Track and Field Meet: Seattle, WA – details forthcoming soon.”

Given that the Sacramento Sports Commission website shows dates of July 15-18 for Sacto masters nationals, we now have dueling mysteries: When and where will outdoor nationals be held? (Meanwhile, the official USATF Masters website says: “USATF Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships; Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA Late July/Early August 2021.”

Sacramento Sports Commission lists mid-July dates for masters nationals.

Sacramento Sports Commission lists mid-July dates for masters nationals.

I’ve written to USATF Masters Prez Jerry Bookin-Weiner and others but haven’t heard back. I also wrote to the LOC (the Sacto Sports Commission) as well as the hosting USATF Pacific Association.

In early January, Jerry wrote:

We’ve seen quite a few rumors about the 2021 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in recent days. Four points:

The meet is currently “on” for Sacramento, CA;

The dates are currently under discussion between the MTF Executive Committee and the Sacramento Local Organizing Committee, led by the USATF Pacific Association;

No firm decisions on dates have been made – there are many moving parts to putting on a masters outdoor championships and many factors need to be taken into account;

If you read something purporting to say the meet is cancelled or will be held somewhere else or will be held on any specific set of dates, DO NOT BELIEVE IT UNLESS IT COMES FROM THE MTF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

So that’s all I know. California’s capital was the site of 2010 nationals and 2011 worlds — and today was moved into a less restrictive “red tier” for public gatherings.

I’ll keep y’all in the loop as intel arrives.

Here’s the email note, for posterity:

With new COVID-19 cases dropping and the vaccine rollout gaining steam for our athletes over age 65, USATF Masters is preparing to return to competition during the course of 2021. In doing so, our official USATF Masters meets will comply with all USATF’s COVID-19 Protocols in effect at the time of the meet.

USATF Masters Track & Field Schedule:

Early June – Mega Regional Masters Meet (East/Midwest/Southeast Regions combined): South Carolina – details forthcoming soon

July 17 – Northwest Region Masters Outdoor Track and Field Meet: Seattle, WA – details forthcoming soon

Summer 2021 – USATF Masters Outdoor Championships: To be announced soon

August 11-12 – National Masters Combined Events Championships: Colorado – details forthcoming soon

August 14-15 – Mid America Region Masters Outdoor Track & Field Meet: Colorado – details forthcoming soon

August 21-22 – National Masters Throws Championships: Seattle, WA – details forthcoming soon

USATF Masters LDR Schedule:

USATF Masters 1 Mile Championships – Rochester, NY – June 12 as part of the Rochester Mile

USATF Masters 12k Championships – Sandy Hook, NJ – September 19 as part of By Hook or By Crook 12k

USATF Masters 5k XC Championships – Boston, MA – October 17

USATF Half Marathon Championships – Syracuse, NY – November 14 as part of the Syracuse Half Marathon

USATF Club Cross Country Championships – Tallahassee, FL – December 11

Points for the 2020-2021 Grand Prix can be earned in each of the first four events. The Grand Prix individual and team awards will then be awarded at a special award event in Tallahassee on December 11.

We have already begun work on our 2022 Masters Grand Prix schedule and plan to have a full schedule of high-quality events, with much more geographic diversity. Importantly, we are committed to publishing the entire 2022 schedule by October 2021. The 2022 Masters Grand Prix schedule will kick off with the 2021 USATF Club Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee.

Inaugural Rex Harvey Memorial Masters Exhibition Event at Drake Relays – Long Jump in 2021

The Masters Exhibition Long Jump will be the inaugural Rex Harvey Memorial Masters Exhibition Event at the Drake Relays. Up to four men and four women in the 40-59 age groups will be selected to compete in the event to be held during the 2021 Drake Relays in Des Moines, Iowa in April (likely date for the event is Friday, April 23, with the possibility that it may be shifted to Saturday, April 24).

Masters long jumpers interested in competing in this event should complete this formor contact MTF Exhibition Events Subcommittee Chair Linda Carty at by Friday March 19, 2021. Those selected to participate will have their accommodations and local transportation in Des Moines covered by funds generated by the Rex Harvey Memorial Endowment at the Drake Relays.

WMA Championships Schedule

In December 2020, World Masters Athletics announced the following schedule for upcoming WMA Championships; no dates have been announced for any of these events at this time:

2022 – WMA Outdoor Championships Tampere, Finland

2023 – WMA Indoor Championships Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2024 – WMA Outdoor Championships Gothenburg, Sweden

2025 – WMA Indoor Championships Spokane, WA bid to be voted on in 2022

2026 – WMA Outdoor Championships Daegu, South Korea bid to be voted on in 2023

MTF Announces Subcommittee Chairs, Liaisons, USATF Committee Representatives, Task Force Managers, and Other Officials for 2021-2024

After interviewing nearly 50 applicants for positions as MTF Subcommittee Chairs, Liaisons, USATF Committee Representatives, Task Force Managers, and other positions, the MTF Officers presented a slate to the Executive Committee for approval. The following list of nominees were all approved and have assumed their duties:



Jerry Bookin-Weiner

Vice Chair

Robert Thomas


Amanda Scotti


Mike Travers

Active Athlete Representative

Colleen Barney

Chair Appointees

Rachel Guest

Perry Jenkins

Sandy Pashkin

Championships Games Subcommittee Chair

Bill Murray

Communications Subcommittee Chair

Sandy Triolo

East Region Coordinator

Mark Williams

Mid America Region Coordinator

Jim Weed

Midwest Region Coordinator

Phil Pillin

Northwest Region Coordinator

George Mathews

Southeast Region Coordinator

Tina Klein

Southwest Region Coordinator

Damon Blakemore

West Region Coordinator

Mark Cleary


Anti-Doping and Substance Abuse

Cheryl Bellaire


Rachel Guest

Budget and Finance

Mike Travers

Combined Events (Co-Chairs)

Bill Murray

Jeff Watry


Sandy Triolo

Exhibition Events

Linda Carty

Hall of Fame

John Seto


Calvin T. Williams, Jr.

Race Walking

Jo Burrows


Roger Vergin


David Bickel

Throwing Events

Sue Hallen



Rod Larsen

Coaching Education

George Harris

Diversity & Leadership

Geo Melichar


Danny Monistere

Law & Legislation

John Bahakel

Masters LDR

Euleen Josiah-Tanner


Paula Everdell-Brown

Organizational Services

Carroll DeWeese

Para Athletics

Carroll DeWeese

Sports Medicine and Science

Moira Davenport


Club Ethics

Christopher Hickey


Jeff Davison

Strategic Plan Implementation

James W. Pearce

Transgender Issues

Colleen Barney


Corporate Competition

Marcus Shute

Senior Games

Jerry Bookin-Weiner

Senior Games

Bill Murray

National Office

Elizabeth Guarneri


General Assembly Delegates

Jerry Bookin-Weiner

Carroll DeWeese (term expires in 2022)

Robert Thomas (term expires in 2024)

Women’s Delegate (term expires in 2022)

Tina Klein

General Assembly Alternates

(terms expire in 2022)

Tina Klein

Bill Murray

Mark Cleary

Elizabeth Teague

Duane Gosa

Chris Buckler

Women’s Delegate Alternates

(terms expire in 2022)

Elizabeth Teague

Jill Vollweiler

Jo Burrows

Mary Trotto


International Team Manager

Phil Greenwald

USATF Board Representative (term expires in 2022)

Christopher Pasko

USATF President

Vin Lananna

MLDR Athlete, Sean Wade, Sets 4 American 55-59 Records in February

Three American Records were set on February 6 at one event in Houston, Texas, where Wade established new records for the 12K (40:14), 15K (50:22), and 10 Mile (54:06). The 12K and 15K were also World Best marks. Two weeks later on February 21, he broke the American 8k 55-59 Record by 8 seconds with a 26:11. That works out to 5:16 per mile and tied for World Best!

Masters LDR Ambassador Calls

We appreciate all those who are supporting our Masters LDR Ambassador calls. There were a record 140 participants from 70 clubs on our February 11 call and another 39 who registered and received the presentation online. They were able to hear directly from two of this year’s race directors, Terry Mullane and Rick Streeter, as well as Amanda Scotti from National Masters News. This is a great opportunity to stay up to date with the very latest information on 2021 and 2022. CLICK HERE to register for the next call.

Masters LDR Grand Prix Update

Points for the 2020-2021 Grand Prix can be earned in each of the first four events. CLICK HERE for the scoring and rules of this year’s Grand Prix. The Grand Prix individual and team awards will then be awarded at a special award event in Tallahassee on December 11.

For 2022, we are focused on 9-10 geographically diverse Grand Prix events. We have already identified 7 of those events and are in discussions for the remaining 2-3. Importantly, we are committed to publishing the entire 2022 schedule by October 2021. The 2022 Masters Grand Prix schedule will kick off with the 2021 USATF Club Cross Country Championships in Tallahassee.

Masters LDR Communications Subcommittee

Finally, we have assembled a very strong Communications Subcommittee, led by Bruce Kirschner. The Committee includes Paul Carlin (media-print and web), Todd Straka (web editor), Dawn Grunnagle (social media), and Pam Fales (Constant Contact administration). Also assisting are Morris Williams and Rob Schaltenbrand. Their mission statement is:

“To enhance the design and delivery of USATF Masters Long Distance Running communications to generate excitement while building camaraderie and community and significantly increase participation in Masters National Grand Prix events.”

They have set some ambitious goals to dramatically improve the quality of our communications, including leveraging existing communication channels, building better websites, establishing a presence on social media, and improved outreach to running clubs and USATF Associations.

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26 Comments on "Sacramento 2021 masters nationals spiked? Email newsletter provokes questions on when, where"

  1. I commented too much on the story about me, and thus one might wonder why I am commenting on a story that is not related to me at all (do I want to become known as a compulsive commenter?). Well, I will take a chance and make the first comment about the upcoming Sacramento nationals. First, I did announce Sacramento nationals in 2010 (was turned down flat for 2011 worlds at Sacramento on the grounds that I was unqualified), and I had a couple of impressions.

    First, it was indeed hot, and thus protection from the sun is really needed, as there is little to no shade. For more recent figures I went to to get the highs for July and August 2020 in Sacramento. In July there were 14 days with a high of 96 or greater, and in August there were 17 such days. Perhaps the nationals can be structured as a day-evening meet, possibly going from 8 AM to noon and then 6-10 PM.

    Second, I stayed in a dormitory in 2010; will the dormitories again be used, or will there be plenty of hotels where masters can get a discounted rate?

  2. I’m told that the 2021 outdoor nationals are on; they are to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, at Drake University, site of the world-famous Drake Relays. Of course, I have no official word on this; I am just reporting what I have heard.

    Hope I am right.

  3. Well, another source says that the meet is on but that it’s actually in Ames, Iowa. Hope this can be cleared up.

  4. Peter: Ames, Iowa it is.

  5. Thanks, Fidel. Well, I did look at some of the information for this meet; apparently men and women currently aged 24 years will be allowed to compete if they turn 25 in time. Has this been widely discussed? Are any of these ultra-young people aware of the Ames championships?

    I noted also that the so-called long hurdles will have trials if needed. As I have noted before, this brings up the strange “masters situation” in which people who are unable even to do the event will be welcomed. Imagine if you’re in M40 and have to run a trial to eliminate ONE man who cannot break 1 minute, 55 seconds in the 400 hurdles.

  6. After a very slow start, presumably due to the implications of the COVID-19 phenomenon, we are charging ahead and actually have entries for Ames. As of 5:00 PM Iowa time we had 13 athletes signed up for the 100 dash, including former masters chair Gary Snyder (M75) and longtime masters standout Bob Bowen (M65). If I had $15 for every time I announced Bob Bowen I could refuse my Social Security.

    The shotput has 5 entrants, but I could not discern any big stars. Looking at all events, perhaps of most interest to me is that the M25 and W25 categories have no entrants at all. Perhaps I should tell some of the extremely young members of my new fitness center that they can join USATF, come up with some money for entry, travel, and hotel, and then get a national championship gold in any event they choose as long as their luck holds out.

    Is there any way at all to attract these very young people to the Ames championships?

  7. Can we make a run at the all-time record turnout for this meet of 1503 athletes, set 21 years ago? Given the staggering increase in the US adult population since 2000, combined with the inclusion of W25 and M25 athletes for the first time, one would think we could. Entries to date suggest, however, that the goal of 1504 (or whatever) entrants will be hard to reach. To this point, for example, we have no W25 and no M25 entrants at all.

    Will continue to watch this unfold.

  8. At 2 PM Iowa time today (May 18) we had 18 entrants in the 100, including the highly regarded Kenton Brown. Discus has 16 entrants, many of them very accomplished throwers. Overall entries for M25 and W25 remain at zero — that’s a shame.

  9. Thanks for the updates, Peter. Someone did bring up a discussion on the USATFMasters Facebook about attracting the M25 & W25 folks. FWIW, I remember when I was that age, Masters competitions were not on my radar. I was focusing on road 5k/10k’s at the time.

  10. I appreciate the acknowledgement, Fidel. As of 8:00 AM Iowa time today (May 22) we had 25 entrants in the 100 and 22 in the discus (9 of them women). I really think we will do much better than I had originally thought. In fact, there is an outside chance that this will be the first national masters outdoors in US history to surpass 1400 entrants when not located in California or Oregon, correct?

    As I recall, Fidel, and the first three were confirmed by the histories one can find by Googling “National Masters News”, the meets were 1989, San Diego, 1450; 1994, Eugene, 1418; 2000, Eugene, 1503; and 2010, Sacramento (above 1400, but I cannot find the number).

    To date there have been absolutely no entries for people under 30.

  11. I contributed to the total in Sacramento.

    Do you know who will be the announcer(s) in Ames?

  12. Good for you, Fidel. In terms of the announcer(s), my only information is that anyone who has a last name beginning with “Tay” is very unlikely to be chosen.

    M25 and W25 continue to be empty. In other news, Shigeki Makino still has the coolest name among the sprinters.

  13. Well, Fidel and others who have been following this saga, we finally have a winner, and his name is Jordan Carroll. Young Jordan, and he is indeed young, is our first 25-29 entrant; he chose the 100 and 200 dashes. The only problem I had was in perusing “All Divisions Men,” as someone decided (for both the 100 and 200) to place 25-29 right below 90-94. Oh, well. That was the last place I expected to find this new age group.

  14. Well, would be great if you were chosen.

    Here’s hoping more 25+ folks sign up.

  15. At 8:00 PM Ames time today (May 26) we had 31 in the 100 dash and 26 in the discus, pretty good numbers. Fidel, back in the day I considered the total at the “1-month mark” to be a key. This year that day was May 24 — I am talking about the day that comes 1 month before the end of REGULAR entries. Our numbers were quite satisfactory on May 24, but now we have to “get busy.”

    As you might have guessed, we have stayed at 1 for M25 entries, with 0 for W25 entries. We need some good action for both groups.

  16. At 9:00 AM Ames time today (Memorial Day, May 31) we had 36 in the 100 dash and 29 in the discus. Amazingly, 17% of the discus field comes from a single club, AZ Desert Throwers (Scottsdale, Arizona). Regardless, the totals for these two events strike me as quite good.

    I’m still waiting for our first W25 entrant; in M25 we are stuck at 1. Oh, the weather? AccuWeather is calling for 67-90, 66-83, 67-87, and 67-87 for the four days, but that will no doubt change.

  17. Yes. Hoping for the cooler, and less humid, end of that temperature range. In Sacramento 2010, I remember having to warmmup in the parking garage next to the track. A lot cooler for sure. I don’t think Iowa State has a nearby parking garage, though.

  18. Well, Fidel, I am getting more optimistic about the final turnout. As of 9:00 this morning Iowa time we had 43 in the 100 dash (a terrific number) and 31 in the discus (very nice). One thing that should help us is that the state of Iowa is bordered by SIX states, as you know: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

    Clearly, if you are a masters T&F athlete living in one of those six states you should be able to make the big meet in Ames unless you have a compelling excuse (injury, lost your job, etc.).

  19. As for me, I will probably sign up closer to the June 24th deadline. I tend to injure myself easily evidenced by today’s strained groin. It’s not bad but it’s a good reminder to be more careful.

    Good to hear about the higher registration numbers.

  20. Fidel (and others): Things are looking quite good indeed. As of 7:00 PM today Iowa time we had a stunning 51 athletes in the 100 dash and an excellent 35 competitors in the discus. Even the 25-29 group is looking better, albeit the three athletes in this very young division are all men. _

  21. Good news!

  22. Fidel (and everyone else): We’ve experienced a bit of a pause in our momentum, as we had just 36 in the discus as of 6:00 AM Iowa time today (June 8). In other words, a gain of only 1 since early evening 4 days ago. On the other hand, we are now up to 60 in the 100 dash (a gain of 9). With the regular deadline 16 days away we still have a good shot at an outstanding turnout.

  23. I hear Huntsman is also expecting a large turnout.

  24. Well, that could be either good or bad for us, Fidel. Encouraging in the sense that many people are willing to travel for a big meet, possibly a negative if they prefer the Huntsman to our nationals and might skip Ames.

    Latest numbers for Ames: 67 in the 100 and 37 in the discus. AccuWeather has dramatically changed its forecast for the meet, with no temperatures above 81 for any of the four days. Yowza.

  25. Fidel: I will now bow out, as I had hoped we would hit the jackpot (1400+ entrants) with this meet, but apparently we will not (77 in the 100 dash at 3:00 PM Iowa time today, June 12). The four championships that hit the wonderful 1400+ level were San Diego (1989), Eugene (1994), Eugene (2000), and Sacramento (2010).

    It would have been nice for an Iowa meet to join that select group, but I am not confident that this will happen. Or perhaps I am just a pessimist.

  26. Thanks for the updates, Peter.

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