M85 David Carr’s radical range at Aussie nationals: 200 to 2K steeple

Don't knock it till you've tried it. Then knock it. Photo by Graeme Dahl

When you get to Malaga for 2018 outdoor worlds, buy a brew for your Aussie rivals. They’ve endured a long season. How long? They held their outdoor nationals last weekend in Perth. Now they have to peak again in five months. I suspect they’ll do fine up over in Spain. They have WMA superstars, of course. Perhaps the top performer in the four-day meet at Venues West in Perth was M85 steepler/sprinter David Carr. Yup, he ran the 200 in 38.84, 400 in 1:21.93 (which age-grades to 45.46), 800, 1500 and the 2K steeple in 11:10.86 (age-graded as a 3K steeple in 8:08.86). W60 walk superstar Lyn Ventris did the 5K stroll in a sizzling 25:41.58. W70 Lavinia Petrie ran a 5K in 22:40.51. And perhaps the best race was the M60 300-meter hurdles, with Andrew Watts edging Mark McLean 47.32 to 47.69. Graeme Dahl took a bunch of photos, posted on his Flickr account. See AMA results for Thursday here, Friday here, Saturday here and Sunday here.

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