M55 American hurdler Kerry Sloan arrested on rape charge before Malaga worlds

Kerry Sloan, in front during a pentathlon 1500 at 2011 Berea nationals, faces serious charge involving a 17-year-old girl.Kerry Sloan, in front during a pentathlon 1500 at 2011 Berea nationals, competed at 2018 Landover and Spokane nationals, a year after his assaults.

M55 hurdler Kerry Sloan, a masters superstar for decades, will not compete at Malaga in the 100 hurdles, 400 hurdles, high jump or be eligible for the relays. He’s in a Texas or Tulsa jail, facing charges of first-degree rape.

According to media reports, Kerry was arrested at an Austin, Texas, airport Sunday by Customs and Border Protection officers, along with officers from the Austin Police Department, before he could depart on a plane to London — on the way to worlds.

Here’s how local media are covering this matter:

TULSA, Oklahoma — A Texas man is in jail awaiting extradition to Tulsa to face a rape charge.

A 17-year-old girl told police that her track coach raped her at a Tulsa hotel on an overnight trip.

“They came to Tulsa to visit some colleges and spent the night and, unfortunately, that’s when he sexually assaulted her,” said Sergeant Jillian Phippen with the Tulsa Police Department.

The investigation started on June 12, 2017, when the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office got a call to look for a car on Highway 69. Records show the teenage girl had told her mother she was being held against her will inside the Toyota Prius by a man she knew.

A deputy stopped the car and detained 55-year-old Kerry Sloan, a track coach from central Texas.

Police say the sexual assault happened at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa. The victim said Sloan assaulted her first in Texas, then again in Tulsa at the hotel. She said she “fell asleep and woke to Sloan removing her clothing.”

Investigators obtained a warrant for Sloan’s DNA, but say it took a year to get the match.

“Once we got his DNA, that’s what we were waiting on and that’s why it took so long to get these charges, it’s that we really needed that DNA evidence for the charges to be filed,” said Phippen.

Court records state DNA evidence from the hotel and the victim’s sexual assault exam matched Sloan’s DNA.

The arrest warrant was issued last month and Sloan was arrested at an Austin, Texas, airport last Sunday by Customs and Border Protection officers, along with officers from the Austin Police Department, before he could depart on a plane to London.

Police say Sloan was leaving the country for a track meet.

Sloan worked with several high schools in Killeen, Texas, and continued to do so, even after he was accused of the sexual assault.

“He has continued to live his life and, unfortunately, be around children during the time frame here,” said Phippen, “but the good news is that we were able to get that warrant and get him in custody.

Police say the victim’s parents had no indication, no suspicion of the coach before the trip.

Sloan is in a Travis County jail in Texas waiting to be extradited to Tulsa where he will face a charge of first-degree rape.

Kerry competed at Penn and Spokane nationals. A 2014 profile said he’s a retired Army sergeant first class and certified USATF official who in 2006 was inducted into the DePaul University Sports Hall of Fame “where he still holds the school record in the 400IH with a time of 51.66.”

Four years ago, he was seeking a master’s of business administration at Texas A&M University — Central Texas campus.

This is a serious charge, and he’s considered innocent until proved guilty. But I hope justice is done in any case. He’s made many friends since starting as a submaster M30 in the early 1990s. At 2014 Winston-Salem nationals, he joined with Darnell Gatling, Michael Jones and Mark Williamson to set an M50 4×100 shuttle hurdles relay record of 61.81.

I’ll report more as I get details on Kerry’s status.

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16 Comments on "M55 American hurdler Kerry Sloan arrested on rape charge before Malaga worlds"

  1. As of Sunday, Sept. 9, Kerry is still being held in Tulsa:

    Travis County Sheriff
    Inmate Information


    Booking Number: 1829038 Booked: 9/2/2018 17:03
    Arresting Agency: AUSTIN POLICE DEPT Offense #: A182451009

    Charges (2)
Bond: $0.00 
Sentenced to 0 days 0 months 
– Cause Number: J5FG18009071 
Bond: $0.00 
Sentenced to 0 days 0 months 

    • That information is falsified. Ken Stone’s info is inaccurate coming from someone who personally has contact with the in question of these crimes.

  2. Regarding Kerry’s story:

    Praying a hedge of protection over the innocent parties. (spouse and children included).

    This is a terrible period for both families.

  3. Cassandra Whiteside | September 11, 2018 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    Coach sloan is a good man this girl and her family wanted money when he wouldnt pay then the charges come. This is a total miscarriage of justice.

    • i can agree that Coach Sloan is/was a good man. I have known him for over a decade. However, rape nor the rapist, do not discriminate. Rape is not about the good or the bad, the black or the white, the wealthy or the poor. Rape is about the strong vs the weak. Rape is about POWER. There are many men and women who our children look up to and we entrust them with our most precious gifts from God. This includes but not limited to, teachers, coaches, priests, and drill sergeants. This young girl should be commended for her courage to go up against all odds and face the adversities and stigmatisms that come with being a victim of rape. And let us not forget that the reason Coach Sloan’s apprehension at the Austin Airport gate, as he boarded a flight out the country for an undisclosed track meet, was because of a POSITIVE DNA match. And yes, he is proven innocent until guilty. However, the compromised circumstances in which Coach Sloan put himself in makes it difficult for me, as a parent, a coach, and leader, to trust him to make sexually appropriate decisions when my child is on a college visit or anywhere else for that matter. . In my opinion, the MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE would be if justice is NOT served on behalf of this young girl.

      • Cassandra Whiteside | September 25, 2018 at 5:20 am | Reply

        My daughter also ran with ths prime time rollers when maddox ran it ur husband was a coach. I stoped her from running because ur husband is sketchy himself. Picking up 8 year old little girls and from what i seen with a situation with my 8 year old. And other very young children. Ur husband is sketchy. So lets not throw stones at a glass house and check ur own back yard before you cone for others

  4. Cassandra … the arrest was not made until the DNA evidence was processed. There was a DNA match of material (semen?) on the girl to Sloan. Your conjecture does not hold a lot of water.

  5. Cassandra Whiteside | September 14, 2018 at 10:01 am | Reply

    Dna does not mean rape. I know this girl and trust me she was not raped.

  6. Cassandra Whiteside | September 14, 2018 at 10:10 am | Reply

    Tom Sputo i guess u were there on the trip and everything?? So are
    100% certin. He is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. And not by your public opinion.

  7. Cassandra,

    Even if she wasn’t rape, the girl was 17 and still a minor.So, he can still face charges.

  8. Cassandra Whiteside | September 25, 2018 at 5:17 am | Reply

    Charges r based on the age of consent in that particular state.

  9. Cassandra you need to stop. Talk about victim -shaming – “I know this girl and trust me she was not raped.” Calling another poster’s husband “Sketchy” and stating veiled accusations of his conduct with 8 year old girls. Low class, lady. Why don’t you just let justice be done, for either Kerry or the girl. If he is exonerated I am certain Ken will print the good news and Ken did state innocent until proven guilty. Online insults and accusations can bite you back.

  10. Cassandra it seems that since you are so sure he didnt commit the crime and that you know know this girl maybe you should write a statement. Fact is your not sure of anything. DNA proves more than you think. The fact is she is underage and he is 55 yrs old. Her parents didn’t and dont need money. You almost sound like you know this girls family? What your stating is not factual it’s based off what you asume. I will assume you will visit him in Federal Prision as his number one fan!

  11. Sandi Primous | October 1, 2018 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    OK Cassandra. Now you have my attention. I am in no way obligated to entertain your lugubrious accusations or slanderous defamation of Mr. Primous, Mr. Maddox, or The Primetime Rollers Track Club. All three are absolutely honorable and a far cry from “sketchy.” Nor have they had any allegations, accusations, or attributions against them.
    Also for the lady who is so animated about glass doors and casting stones, please CHECK YOUR FACTS prior to having a written and/or verbal confabulation with me. Mr. Primous has not been my husband for over a decade. Nevertheless, I will not sit by idly while you try to taint his name with passive-aggressive idiosyncrasies and capricious rhetoric.
    FACT: a person’s psychological hard-wiring and/or their lack of moral compass can lead to victim blaming (SCAU, 2018). In either case, my hope is that you nor your daughter are on the receiving end of such pertinacious insults.
    Finally, in the interest of not continuing this inandated grapevine of seesaw commentary, this is my final post.

  12. DNA does not lie, this man is a sick person. she was a 17 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!!!!! What in the world is wrong with this sicko? and he is married to top that off.. if convicted which im sure he will be he needs to stripped of every title that is credited to his name..the only thing worse than a cheater is a CHILD RAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may god have mercy on your soul

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