Malaga results mum on world records while Kenyan runners submit insane seed marks

WMA Prez Stan Perkins, in red tie at opening ceremonies, is pictured in WMA website gallery. Others I can't ID.

Malaga’s results service is impressive. It’s easy to navigate and lists most everything. But why no references to world records? W80 British thrower Evaun Williams put the shot 10.07 meters (33-0 1/2) on her first try Tuesday to smash the listed WR of 9.66 (31-8 1/2) by Germany’s Anne Chatrine Rühlow in 2017, for example. (The main WMA site has a running account of Malaga WRs. The others are W75 shot by Austria’s Marianne Maier (12.12/39-9 1/4), displacing an Evaun mark, and M70 5000 walk by Britain’s Ian Richards in 25:51.34.)

An event I’m looking forward to is the M35 steeple. The top entrant is 2004 Athens Olympic champ and four-time world steeplechase champion Ezekiel Kemboi of Kenya, leading a team of 34. At 2016 Perth worlds, Kenya entered 15 athletes — and won 10 medals, according to a Kenyan report. Ezekiel’s steeple PR is 7:55.76 — only seven years ago. But he (or his affiliate) submitted a seed time of 8:08 (four seconds off the listed M35 WR). The IAAF begs to differ, listing his 2018 best as 8:31.45.

Olympic champion Ezekiel Kemboi is set for the M35 steeple at Malaga.

Olympic champion Ezekiel Kemboi is set for the M35 steeple at Malaga.

Even worse are two Kenyan M45 5000 guys — Peter Bii submitted a time of 13:57.46 and Joshua Kipchumba entered 14:02.09. The listed M45 WR is a pedestrian 14:23.6 (back in 1982) by Lucien Rault of France. American Sean Wade has the listed M50 5000 WR of 14:52.92, but Kenya’s M50 Paul Yego submitted a time of 14:12.30. C’mon!

But wait! There’s more: M65 Stephen Kamande entered a 5000 time of 16:56.00 (the listed WR is 16:38.8) and M70 Stephen Oyaro entered a 5K time of 16:57.00. (The listed WR is 18:15.53.) Others? The M40 steeple WR is 8:38.40, but Kenya’s Eliud Kirui lists a 8:58.00. And M55 Robert Kimutai sent in a steeple time of 10:02.90. The listed M55 WR is 9:55.05.

Just silly is M35 Tom Musinde, who sent in a 100 time of 10.40 but a 200 time of 25.50. This does not compute.

And avert your eyes from the Kenyan 10K and half-marathon marks.

Fortunately, bogus seeds likely won’t affect final results. But geeze, how about some dignity, guys?

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8 Comments on "Malaga results mum on world records while Kenyan runners submit insane seed marks"

    10.0h 100
    Tom Musinde age 39, 10.88 in winning his heat yesterday. Not seeing his name in the final today.

  2. Looks like a Kenyan won the M40 5,000 Race walk. 1 minute off WR.
    1 4395 16 Eric Maugo Sikuku
    KEN-4395 KENYA 20:45.08

  3. I contacted the organizing committee about Yego in the M50 5000m a month ago because the Yego listed in the IAAF site has a birthday of Nov 1968 which would put him in the M45 and not M50. The story I’m getting now is this is some other Paul Yego…who just happens to have a seed 1 min faster than anyone else. He ran 26:55 in the M50 XC.

  4. Kenyan records for open

    Tom has run a fast 100 before.

  5. What does NP in the WMA results mean? Does it mean DNS for Did Not Show or DNF for Did Not Finish? NP- No Place or Non-Particpant? Thanks.

  6. World records are now mentioned in the results. The results are live, by the way. By refreshing the page I could follow the javelin and high jump competitions in Malaga!

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