Stan Perkins’ WMA Marketing and Communications Committee short on communications so far

Stan Perkins posed with 2016 AOYs Andrew Jamieson and Irene Obera. But will he be all ears to snarky blogger questions?

Old WMA presidents never die. They just get named committee chairs. So it goes for Stan Perkins of Australia, who finished his two terms this month at Malaga. I recently learned Stan had been appointed chair of the WMA Marketing and Communications Committee. So I shot him and his committee some Qs, seeking details on the gig.

Stan, bless him, was first (and only so far) to respond. But he didn’t offer much info. In fact, he took me to task for asking stupid questions. (Sorry, but that’s my specialty.)

“I will not provide any additional information at this time as you need to do some background research and I intend to enjoy some relaxation and personal time with my family and friends,” wrote Stan, who acquired a reputation as traveling a lot on WMA’s dime.

So I took his advice and found the WMA bylaws that describe the aims of the committee. But other questions weren’t answered on the WMA site. So this is a test of the transparency of new WMA Prez Margit Jungmann. Will she deliver on her promise (in my Q&A with her) that she’ll talk to her council about financial openness?

(She told me: “Regarding the other athletes who would be also interested in the WMA management, I am thinking about how to give them a right to know about the WMA finances.”)

So while waiting for her responses, here are my questions and Stan’s responses for your amusement.

On 23 Sep 2018, at 7:31 am, Ken Stonewrote:

Greetings, all

I’d like to learn more about the WMA Marketing and Communications Committee for the sake of my blog.

When time avails, would you please consider these questions?

1. What is committee’s purpose and goals?

2. What is the committee’s budget?

3. When was Stan named to head the committee? Did Stan ask to be chair? Will he be paid?

4. How often does the committee meet? Or how often are teleconferences held?

5. How are all regions involved with the committee?

6. How is and John Seto involved with the committee? What are your plans for

7. When will WMA financial reports be posted on WMA site?

8. Will WMA eventually have an email newsletter? If so, when? Who will be in charge?

9. Will WMA seek corporate sponsors? If so, who will lead this effort and how can the regions, affiliates and athletes help?

10. Anything else my readers should know about your committee?

Thanks, and best of luck!

Here’s how Stan replied Sunday:

Hello Ken

You have thrown out a wide web to gather the answers to your questions.

Firstly you know that I am no longer the President of WMA and therefore my response is from my personal viewpoint, not that of the WMA Council or the office of President of that organisation.

Ken read the By-Laws. Item 1.19 answers many of your questions about the Marketing & Communications Committee.

In Malaga there was held a meetings Day when this Committee held an open meeting for all to attend. This is the usual activity of each of the WMA Committees at every Stadia Championship.

You would have had the opportunity to ask all of your questions had you or someone representing you been in attendance. It is a pity you did not think of this possibility prior to the meeting then all of your inquiries could have been put to the Committee for a response.

I suggest that you determine to whom you wish to address your questions and then do so on an individual basis. Your scattergun approach to seeking your information is not professional in my opinion, particularly as it seems to be your intention to feed the responses into your blog for your readers.

I will not provide any additional information at this time as you need to do some background research and I intend to enjoy some relaxation and personal time with my family and friends.

Here’s what the WMA bylaws say about the committee:

25. Media-Marketing & Communications Committee

25.1 The Media-Marketing & Communications Committee shall assist the President and the Executive in the promotion and marketing of WMA and the identification of potential sponsors.

25.2 The Media-Marketing & Communications Committee shall consist of five
(i) the President as Chair, and
(ii) four additional members, one of whom shall be the WMA website manager.

25.3 The four additional members of that Committee shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the Council based on their expertise and experience in the areas of that Committee’s responsibilities.

25.4 The Media-Marketing & Communications Committee shall:
(i) develop a communications plan for WMA,
(ii) identify and recommend specific activities or opportunities for the promotion of WMA,
(iii) prepare regular media releases that address topical masters athletics issues and/or maintain WMA’s media profile for consideration by the President and the Executive,
(iv) assist with the drafting of other promotional materials as directed by the President,
(v) develop a marketing strategy for WMA and masters athletics throughout the world,
(vi) explore and develop specific commercial and sponsorship opportunities for WMA,
(vii) liaise with the Secretary and other Committees as appropriate,
(viii) monitor WMA’s profile in the media and report to the Executive thereon,
(ix) maintain and update the WMA website, and
(x) ensure that information as to significant events, financial and otherwise, occurring between General Assemblies, is made available to Members by posting on the website or by electronic means.

25.5 The website manager may be supported by assistant website managers appointed by the President in consultation with the website manager, for the day-to-day management of the WMA website.

25.6 The WMA website shall provide news and technical, administrative and other information relating to masters athletics at the world level.

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4 Comments on "Stan Perkins’ WMA Marketing and Communications Committee short on communications so far"

  1. Lesley Richardson | September 24, 2018 at 1:54 am | Reply

    It seems to me this is just another avenue to continue the road trip of the world under the “cloak of WMA privilege”. Quite clearly from Stan’s response he doesn’t want to enter into any discussion of budget or cost of this sub committee and what will be its value? Is this a guilt complex or touchy subject bearing in mind the questionable extensive travel undertaken by him in recent years in the name of President of WMA. He must have clocked up more air miles than the last few presidents put together.
    Hopefully Margit as the new WMA president will not follow suit….not sure what she would look like in a Turban lol….

  2. Stan’s comment was incredibly rude and condescending. But I guess we “little people” shouldn’t bother the high and mighty.

  3. Have to agree with anonymous. I hope that Stan Perkins is not the norm in WMA management. How much does he get paid to blow off legitimate questions? Disappointing.

  4. I believe that this an important role in promoting awareness of the Masters movement. Was the post ‘advertised’, the skill sets required documented and Stan elected on the basis of being the best qualified candidate for the role? I suspect I know the answers, but would be pleased to hear that I am wrong.

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