WMA posts results of pre-Malaga survey: Y’all like sprints most. Biggest group? 50-54

Most respondents rate their WMA world meet experience as "good." That's fine. But don't rest on your laurels.

In mid-May, I surveyed y’all about surveys — specifically: “Should WMA regularly post them?” About 91 percent said sure.

Now we’re seeing the survey (May 15 to August 5) that prompted the question. WMA has posted results of a 25-query athlete poll. It’s in the form of a slide show, so look for the little arrows at lower left, just underneath the survey. Click them to change pages.

The sample size isn’t great — about 560. (Perhaps this should have waited until Malaga, with 8,200 entries. But I guess that isn’t representative of average masters.)

The gender breakdown was 68 percent male and 32 percent female, and 42 percent have done masters track for at least a decade.

Surprising to me: 45 percent have coaches, 55 percent do not. And 7 percent have sponsors. (I would have guessed far fewer would have coaches or sponsors, but maybe the type of people who answer long surveys are the serious sort.)

The biggest region for respondents was North America (34.9 percent), while 31.3 percent of respondents are Eurovets ad 16.6 percent are in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the like).

About 22 percent of respondents are retired. Among all, 13.4 percent are educators. No surprise.

The “main” events for masters athletes are sprints (36 percent), throws (25), middle distance (20.8) and jumps (18.4). But almost as many pick combined events (15.2) as long distance (15.9). That’s a growth opportunity. (Get those local 10K folks onto the oval.)

WMA said of its survey: “We compiled the results and they have been discussed by the council and within the relevant committees. We hope to use this information in our coming activities. You will soon have the opportunities to share your thoughts in regards to the recent championships, so please watch this space.”

We soitanly will!

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