Phil Greenwald named meet director of 2021 USATF masters indoor nationals at Armory Track

Phil Greenwald (inset, shown in Malaga) will direct 2021 indoor nationals at the new home of the Millrose Games.Phil Greenwald (inset, shown in Malaga) will direct 2021 indoor nationals at the new home of the storied Millrose Games.

Upon learning that the Armory track in New York City was the likely (and only) choice for 2021 indoor nationals, I wrote to Jonathan Schindel, who presented the bid at Columbus. Jonathan is co-president and CFO of the Armory Foundation.

He graciously responded, informing me that the nationals are set for March 19-21, 2021, and “our goal would be to keep entry fees as close as possible to current / then-current entry fees.”

But the biggest news is that Phil Greenwald, known mainly as USA team manager (stadia) at WMA worlds the past umpteen years, will serve as meet director. My heart goes out to him. It’s the most thankless job in track, and he’ll be herding many cats. Fortunately, the Armory is used to crowded fields. And he’ll have his friends on the USATF Masters Games Committee to help sort out challenges.

My quickie Q&A: How many entrants do you expect? 

Jonathan: The more the merrier.  We expect in excess of 1,000.  Manhattan is uniquely easy to fly, take the train or drive to, and hotel prices have come way down in the last few years due to Airbnb.

How might an Armory nationals improve on other nationals?

Rather than compare to other nationals, it is more natural for us to compare to our own 100+ track meets each year.  From youth meets, to high school meets, to college meets, to adult meets and pro meets such as the NYRR Millrose Games, The Armory’s team is looking to host what participants will remember as their favorite masters meet.

How much of a profit do you expect on the meet? 

I do not have an expectation.  The primary purpose is to conduct the best of all possible meets.  The Armory Foundation, who operates The Armory, is a nonprofit and our “gem” is the no-cost Armory College Prep program, see 

We hope the nationals will increase the awareness of this program that changes so many lives.

Will the USATF Masters Hall of Fame — at least a display of names — be added to the National T&F Hall of Fame? 

We have no firm plans to do this, but it is certainly something we can discuss.

Who will be the meet director of 2021 nationals? 

We are thrilled to be able announce that Phil Greenwald will be the meet director, along with the full support of the entire Armory track staff.

How will the Armory promote the meet?

Promotion will take a variety of means, from our outside PR firm Nicholas & Lence, to our popular website, our email database and our social media followers. 

We’ll be doing everything we can to highlight the event and the amazing athletes to the press and media in NYC and beyond.

Anything else athletes should know about the 2021 nationals? 

The Armory is home to the Fastest Track in the World, and our latest Mondo track was installed this past September. Track meets have been held at The Armory since 1914 and more records have been set at The Armory than anywhere else in the world.

Me again: USATF Masters should press the Armory on adding a Masters Hall of Fame component to the National T&F Hall of Fame. It makes no sense NOT to see masters represented in the HoF. Can anyone argue we shouldn’t be there?

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2 Comments on "Phil Greenwald named meet director of 2021 USATF masters indoor nationals at Armory Track"

  1. Only one circle to throw, unless they plan a portable cage for the infield. It is cool place to run, great atmosphere, the crowd is tight to the track, but where or where will we throw?

  2. You raise a good point, Gary. Currently the Armory in NYC is the place to be if you’re a sprinter, hurdler, or middle-distance runner and want to show off what you have. If you are a jumper, that might be the case as well (I’m not sure). If you’re a thrower, apparently not.

    I’m reminded of the Penn Relays, where you have a wonderful showcase for runners and hurdlers, and the crowd can be absolutely deafening. The long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault are also contested and get some response from the crowd, but the announcers do not cover them except for the occasional award ceremony. The throws? Forget about coverage.

    As you know, Gary, this year saw Austin Droogsma of Florida State win the college men’s shot put championship at Penn Relays with a mark of 20.19 (66-2.75). No, when he went back to Tallahassee he could not regale his friends with talk of how the crowd reacted to him. Too bad, as there was actually no crowd for the shot.

    I’m glad that USATF Masters was able to get the Armory for 2021, but I do think that this meet raises some special issues beyond the throwing events. It looks like an excellent site for a 1-day meet, but going there three consecutive days could be challenging, whether you’re getting there each day from New Jersey, Manhattan, or somewhere else. Yes, I’ve worked some meets at the Armory, and I know all about the challenge.

    I do not, of course, expect to work the 2021 masters indoors, as a good word for me is superannuated.

    Peter L. Taylor

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