Kay Glynn is our Christmas elf, but will never put her athletic career on the shelf

Kay Glynn's contemplative pose takes the place of wild flexibility routines of previous years.

Kay Glynn sent me her 13th annual Christmas greeting photo more than a week ago, writing: “I don’t even know what this picture means — but it was challenging and fun.”

I know exactly what it means.

Kay in her mid-60s has made a terrific comeback from hip replacement and resurfacing surgeries. She is showing how track is the fountain of youth and her flexibility and blond hair signal you can recapture past glories.

In fact, masters tracksters likely sense holiday themes in our pursuits. Like Christmas, we see our sport as an athletic savior. Like Hanukkah, we see our potential track careers miraculously extended from one decade to eight.

Kay played Santa herself this season, taking her combined-event gifts to national indoor meets in Kenosha and Winston-Salem and hitting the North American outdoor trifecta of Ames and Waukesha nationals and the NCCWMA meet in Toronto. She also fared well at the National Senior Games in Albuquerque and assorted Kansas meets. (She skipped Torun indoor worlds. Even elves have their limits.)

Kay writes from Hastings: “While the temperatures are cold outside here in Iowa, I find joy and a little break in the normal track and field training by doing the tap and acrobat thingy indoors at various community functions. My solo performance this year included feathers!”

Check it out:

She concludes: “Soon after the holidays, I’ll be putting on my boots and subzero clothes to do some training before heading to Kenosha in January. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!”

You too, our evergreen Angel.

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2 Comments on "Kay Glynn is our Christmas elf, but will never put her athletic career on the shelf"

  1. I tried twice today (12-26) to post a comment, but nothing worked. If this one actually posts I will send a real comment.

  2. Well, it worked this time (see above). Kay Glynn, the pride of Hastings, Iowa, has made wonderful contributions to our sport. When you compare her against other masters women in their early 50s she does beautifully in terms of upper-body strength, agility, balance, and gracefulness. What’s that, you say, she’s actually 66? Yikes. No wonder she’s been on Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah, The View, America’s Got Talent, and other well-known venues.

    Kay is also courageous, as she has demonstrated by her ability to come back from significant setbacks (see above). As we go into 2020 I salute you, Kay, as one of my favorite masters athletes. You’re a kind person who has “shown the light” to others.

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