Newbie Hall of Famer Kay Glynn remains veteran at jaw-dropping holiday photos

Kay, in her trademark red elf tights, is our Medicare masters star.Kay, in her trademark red elf tights, is our Medicare masters star.

Kay Glynn once feared her masters track career was over. But after becoming the poster girl for hip-resurfacing, she continued her stellar sporting life. And recently at age 68, she achieved a dream recognition: induction into the USATF Masters Track & Field Hall of Fame.

She says she was totally shocked by that honor — and an earlier one: Being named a Rex Harvey Award Winner for combined events athlete of the year.

Kay gets her kicks from performing feats of stretchiness.

Kay gets a kick from performing feats of flexibility. Photo via Kay Glynn

“All I knew is that I felt strong and healthy this year, but I was always struggling to improve my technique in so many events,” she told me after sharing her 15th (fifteenth!) Christmas greeting photo. “There is never enough time! Winning awards is not on my list of things to do, but like icing on a cake, I’ll never turn it down. My thanks to those who were noticing.”

Posing for her holiday photo has become an event in itself, Kay concedes.

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“I hate when I have to train to take a Christmas picture,” she said. “But I guess it’s just another day at the gym. I’m thinking this will be my hip resurfacing doctor’s favorite card. He said that resurfacing allows your range of motion to be exactly what it was before surgery. I will attest to that!”

She sent this image, saying it gave new meaning to “morning stretch.” Her mother, who turned 98 this week, says it looks painful.

“I say: ‘No, mom. See the smile? It’s OK.’” ?

Some weeks back — before becoming a Hall of Fame — Kay was profiled in Ray Glier’s Geezer Jock newsletter and revealed her new indoor training structure in Walker, Missouri — the “she-shed.”

“That’s right, fellas,” Ray wrote. “A way to a woman’s heart does not have to be with diamonds, or taking out the trash. It can be with a she-shed. And your belle doesn’t necessarily have to pole vault. She can do the long jump, high jump, triple jump, acrobatics, or gymnastics, which are all the things Kay Glynn does inside her she-shed of joy.”

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Every year, Kay stays ahead of me in age (by one year). Someday, I hope to be a tenth as dedicated.

Happy holidays to all.

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  1. I agree with her mother! I have never had an age at which I was able to do this. Enjoying life nevertheless! Greetz all.

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