James Patterson pulverizes Lad Pataki M55 American record in shot

James Patterson makes the spin look easy. It isn't.James Patterson makes the spin look easy. It isn't. Watch the shot bounce out in video below.

George Mathews, our former national masters chair, writes from the Great Northwest: “Jim Patterson traveled to Seattle for the Seattle Parks & Recreation USATF-sanctioned meet (see results) and set a new men’s 55 shot put (American) record with a put of 16.23 meters (53-3). Jim looked very strong throughout the competition.” His record throw was on his third attempt.

The meet was modest, but Jim’s effort with the 6-kilo ball beat the listed and legendary AR of 16.06 (52-8¼) by Hall of Famer Ladislav Pataki in Santa Barbara in 2001.

Lad, who died of brain cancer in 2007, was a sports scientist who defected from the Soviet Union and became a masters world champion. The listed M55 world record is 17.50 (57-5) by Germany’s Klaus Liedtke (once suspended for doping) in 1996.

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5 Comments on "James Patterson pulverizes Lad Pataki M55 American record in shot"

  1. Milan Jamrich | June 7, 2018 at 7:28 am | Reply

    I congratulate James Patterson on the new American record. I would not say he “pulverized” Lad Pataki’s record. Improvement by 17 cm is in my opinion not “pulverizing” ;-). Lad was my friend, we are from the same small town in Slovakia – Nove Zamky. We talked frequently about Liedtke’s world record. Lad did not believe that this record can be broken without taking steroids.

  2. Milan, give me another P-word.

  3. Jim Patterson | June 7, 2018 at 3:08 pm | Reply

    I’m not sure pulverized is the best word either. Thanks to John Seto’s all time lists its easy to see the bigger picture. Ladislav had a un-ratified throw of 16.45m and Tony Harlin had a 16.27m mark. I appreciate the recognition but know others have thrown further.

    The real news here is the quality of the meets George Matthews, Lance Neubauer and Co. put on at West Seattle Stadium every year. The facilities are great (new pole vault and high jump pits) as are the certified officials including the weights and measures staff. Oh yeah, the weather is never not perfect!! The Pacific Northwest Championship will be there on July 14th.

  4. classy response, Jim. Congrats on a great throw!

  5. Congrats on the AR record. Weird question but does anyone know James stats? How tall and weight? I am in the same age category .. chasing that record .. though quite a ways away from it .. I can appreciate the record from an aching 58 year old body!!! Great job.

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