Help Dave Albo pick out top pic from Malaga worlds for IAAF photo contest

Here's a collage of some of Dave's top 13 shots from Malaga worlds. Which would you call No. 1?

Dave Albo the supershooter from Colorado is asking for help picking out his best of 9,300-plus images at Malaga worlds for entry in the IAAF photo contest. He’s chosen his top 13 and wants y’all to advise him on which to submit.

“If I were to make the top 3,” he notes, “I’d get a trip for two to Monaco in December to attend the award ceremony. I have a LOT of good images from Malaga, so .. why not enter and see what happens? There is no downside in doing so. The hard part is that I must submit exactly one photo, out of the 9388. So I have gone through the collection one more time looking for exceptional photos that meet all of these criteria.”

Of course, thousands of his shots meet the criteria:

  • Sharply in focus
  • Properly exposed
  • Interesting composition
  • Captures a dramatic or impactful moment

Dave writes: “It was pretty daunting to narrow it down, but here are my 13 finalists for the ONE photo to enter into the contest. Wish me luck picking a winner. If you have a strong opinion one one of these, contact me with your vote.”

Good luck, Dave. I like the “Spirit of Competition” showing M35 American sprinter Sean Burnett helping up who I think is Germany’s Zbigniew Sikorski after the 200 final.

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  1. The weight thrower, because it shows we’ll continue into high age. Otherwise Jeanne, focus of the athlete and the composition I like most

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