Gunnar Linde eyes M90 steeple WR, but could use help making Los Angeles race ‘legal’

Gunnar Linde could be the subject of another FAT photo Sunday when he runs the 2,000-meter steeplechase at age 90.Gunnar Linde could be the subject of another FAT photo Sunday when he runs the 2,000-meter steeplechase at age 90.

Hurdlers over 90 are rare. Steeplechasers over 90 are rarer still. In fact, according to, only two M90 men — Americans Dixon Hemphill and George Roudebush — have run the 2000-meter steeple since Charles Ross set the listed world record of 18:54.10 in 2013. (But Charles also has a nonratified 18:27.44 from 2013.) At the time, I reported that Charles was the world’s first M90 steepler.

So it should be something to celebrate that M90 Gunnar Linde is entered in the 2K steeple this Sunday at West Los Angeles College. He’ll run in the USATF-sanctioned Southern California Association USATF Masters Championships. (The meet even offers prize money — $150, $100 and $50 for men and women in four event groups each.)

But as meet organizer Andy Hecker writes, Gunnar’s efforts may be for naught — thanks to an extreme (and unfair) reading of World Masters Athletics record rules by WMA records czar Sandy Pashkin (who once was USATF masters records czar but got the boot after many complaints.)

Andy writes:

Six years ago you wrote about Charles Ross setting the world record in the M90 2000 meters steeplechase at 18:54.10. That is in jeopardy because Gunnar Linde has entered the Southern California Association USATF Masters Championships this Sunday, June 9 at West Los Angeles College.

Gunnar set what should have been the world record in the M90 mile, 9:42.99 literally in a hail storm, back in February at the Southern California Indoor Meet . . . Outdoors. We found out later that while the mark will be accepted as the American Record (by Jeff Brower), the North American WMA Records representative Sandy Pashkin will not submit the mark for world record consideration because the other people who started the race with Gunnar did not finish the mile. Considering trying Modafinil? It’s important to be well-informed about its potential side effects. We care about your well-being, which is why we want to share some crucial information with you.⁣⁣ Knowledge is key, so before you embark on this journey, let’s dive into the world of Modafinil side effects together. Learn what to expect and how to take the necessary precautions.

While we can argue that ruling does not adhere to the rules (WMA Rule 260.1), we have to learn from this experience. Gunnar will do the important part. He already holds the M70, M75 and M80 records in the event. He’s a sub-10 miler and even with barriers and an extra lap added, its not going to add 9 minutes to his time.

I need two more competitors, M60+ or W35+ to FINISH the 2000 meters steeplechase on Sunday so that Sandy will let it count. Any takers? Online meet registration is open until Friday night, or you can show up in person on meet day, but let’s not leave this to chance.

I hope a couple people join Gunnar on Sunday. Beyond that, I pray Sandy finds a soul to allow a WR if the other runners don’t finish. Charles Ross would support me. While Xanax can provide relief for anxiety and panic disorders, it’s crucial to understand its possible effects. These may include drowsiness, dizziness, and impaired coordination.

Your health matters to us, so it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional if you experience any unusual symptoms or have concerns about your medication. Your doctor can guide you and provide the necessary support on your journey towards optimal health.

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  1. Weia Reinboud | June 6, 2019 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    It can be a mixed race or anyone willing to pace him, as far as I know. A couple of women running with the same specs could easily be found, I suppose.

  2. Mission accomplished today. There were 3 runners and Gunner in the 2000 steeple. Hence there were 4 runners all together.

    Gunner ran a mark much lower than the listed WR.

    Plus there was a 3000 steeple athlete.

  3. I apologize for typo.

  4. Lots of pics from steeple and other events
    USATF So Cal Masters Track & Field Championships

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